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As North Dakota’s recognition and data collection system for the early care and education workforce, the Growing Futures Registry is in a unique position to gather important information about who is in the workforce and how they are qualified for their jobs.  Data is collected daily through individual memberships, Career Pathways placement, and trainer and training approval systems.

The data collected from the member application is used to build a professional development record for each member and helps us accurately reflect an individual’s unique professional and educational background in early care and education.  This information is used to recognize the individual’s qualifications with a correct Career Pathways placement. The data also helps us gain knowledge about the state’s workforce and can assist in making positive changes to the professional development system in North Dakota. 

As Registry membership grows, we will have a much more representative picture of the early care and education workforce in our state.   It is our hope and intention that Registry data can be used to support and inform the decision-making process about the development of an improved Early Care and Education system in North Dakota. 

Please feel free to print, share, and use Growing Futures data sheets.  Note that the information collected by the Growing Futures Registry is never disclosed with any identifying information attached.  Our data is combined to report on the workforce in general rather than on individual member. Please see our Privacy Policy (pdf) for more information about data sharing.

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