Account Can’t Be Found

If you attempted to login to a Growing Futures Registry account and received a message that your account can’t be found, it may be because:

  • You are new to the early childhood field and have never taken an early childhood training course in North Dakota.
  • You have not attended a training in North Dakota since January 1, 2012.
  • You have not set up a Growing Futures account.
  • You may have an account with incomplete personal information or a different email address. NOTE: If this is the case, do not create an new individual account!
Before creating an account follow the instructions here:  How to Log In or Find Account (PDF 294.69 KB)

Creating a New Individual Account

How to create an Individual Account (PDF, 373.17 KB)

  • Go to the Log In page of the Registry.
  • On the Login page, select “Create Account" in the lower right corner.
  • Enter the requested information and select “Create Account”.
    • Note: You must complete this step even if you think you have an existing account.
  • Growing Futures will send you an email for verification. Check your email and select “OK” in the email.
  • You will then be prompted to create a password.
  • Then, return to the Log In page and sign in with your email address and new password.
  • Provide the additional information to double-check if you have an existing account.
  • If no account is found, you will be guided to complete the rest of your account application.
  • Select “Submit”.

IMPORTANT: You must a provide a unique email address. Your account cannot share the same email as any other account. Sharing an email with another account will prevent you from being able to log in to your account.