The early childhood community is made up of people just like you—people who work with and on behalf of children. Whether you are a direct care provider, a Head Start Coordinator, a county licenser, or a professor of early childhood, you are a member of the early childhood workforce. As individuals, we each have our own goals and dreams. When we join forces, we are a powerful voice for children and for our field. The Registry is a place where we can prepare for our own futures, as well as come together to advance our profession.

For our members, the Growing Futures Registry is a one-stop place for all the information related to your career. Use the Growing Futures Registry to maintain an ongoing record of the training and education you’ve completed. Keep everything in one spot so that it’s easy and accessible at license renewal time. Be sure to identify your current employer as part of your Growing Futures profile, and update your employment information if you change jobs. That way your licenser will be able to quickly verify that you’ve completed your annual training requirements.

Your Growing Futures record is also a great way to verify your professional qualifications so that the next time you need to revise your resume, interview for a new position, or apply for a scholarship you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. And remember, you must be a Growing Futures member before applying to be an approved trainer or participate in Bright & Early.

  • Who Should Create a Growing Futures Profile?

    Create an individual registry account if you are a:

    • Direct care provider in a family, group, or center licensed child care program (caregivers, teachers, aides, assistants)
    • School-age staff
    • Director or administrator in a direct care or early education program
    • Trainer, coach, consultant, or technical assistance provider
    • Early childhood faculty or student
    • Advocate and other early childhood supporter
    • Other staff for whom tracking early childhood professional development is required or desired
  • Grow Your Career

    Take some time to think about where you’d like your career to be in 3 years, 5 years, and even 10 years. Whatever you can dream, you can do but as with most things, reaching a goal requires intentional planning, preparation, and effort. Start by learning more about the Growing Futures Career Pathway, and the many career opportunities available to you in the field of early childhood.