The early childhood workforce is made up of people just like you—people actively engaged in working with and on behalf of young children. The Growing Futures Registry is designed to support the early childhood workforce in licensed and state regulated early childhood settings across North Dakota including family-based and center childcare, preschool, Head Start, and Pre-K. Whether you are a direct care provider or you have another role in the field, the Growing Futures Registry is here to recognize and advocate for the important work you do.

Access Registry Services

You can access Growing Futures Registry services with an individual account. Accounts are free and available to anyone who lives in North Dakota and works with or on behalf of young children ages birth to eight years of age. There are two levels of individual accounts with the Growing Futures Registry: Basic and Membership.

Basic Account

The Basic account allows you to register and receive clock hours for Growing Futures approved training and access a report of your annual training to share with your early childhood licensing specialist.


Upgrade your account with Membership to receive support services, participate in the Bright & Early ND quality system, or become an approved trainer.  Members can access additional Registry features such the full Learning Record, Career Pathways placement, verified career qualifications, and special reports for CDA credentialing and renewal.

Account Comparison
Registry Services Basic Membership
Unique Registry ID# X X
Secure online personal account that belongs to you, not your employer, with 24/7 access X X
Access to Training Calendar of approved training and online training registration X X
Ability to launch training sponsored by Child Care Aware® ND from personal account X X
Verification of training completion X X
Access to DHS Licensing Report X X
Ability to request outside training be added to record X X
Ability to add an Organization Profile (PDF, 588.92 KB) X X
Access to full personal profile and Learning Record   X
Access to special CDA Credentialing reports   X
Verification of higher education transcripts, with Early Childhood coursework added to training record   X
Verification of professional qualifications   X
Career Pathways placement   X
Career Pathways certificate and membership card   X
Ability to request support services from Child Care Aware of ND   X
Opportunity to apply to be an approved trainer   X
Participation in Bright & Early ND   X

Find Your Account

If you have attended training in North Dakota since 2012, you may already have a Growing Futures account. It’s important to find and use your existing account because it contains a record of your training.

Go to the Registry Login and enter your information. The system will look for your account and guide you through the steps to connect with it. For additional information and options for locating your account, read and follow these steps (PDF, 294.69 KB).

If you are completely new to the field or have never taken training, it’s possible that no record can be found for you. You will need to create a new individual account (PDF, 373.17 KB). Find additional resources in the Individual section of the Help Center.

Your employer may ask you to add yourself to the employer’s organization account by sending you a Director’s Employee Invitation or encouraging you to add or update an employer.

DHS Licensing Report

All Growing Futures account holders have access to the DHS Licensing Report. Simply log in to your Registry account, scroll to the bottom of your account front page, and find the link to your licensing report. This report shows the approved training you’ve completed in the past 36-months. Licensing required training is clearly shown at the top of the report so Early Childhood Licensing Specialists can quickly verify compliance. Your Early Childhood Licensing Specialist has access to view and verify your report via the EC Licensing Specialist Portal. Please note that the Registry does not provide paper copies of the DHS Licensing Report.

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