RBPD Specialists

Relationship-based professional development (RBPD) is support focused on learning through one-on-one interactions between practitioners and coaches, specialists, and advisors. The goal of this type of individualized support is to improve outcomes for children by increasing the practitioner’s knowledge and skills. RBPD Specialists provide practitioners with competency-based expert guidance and customized support to foster professional growth and career achievement.

The Growing Futures Registry administers a statewide approval system for RBPD Specialists. Individuals interested in RBPD approval must be current members of the Registry with a complete professional profile that includes all education, certifications, and other professional qualifications, and employment verification. Training or preparation required for the endorsement must be verified on the Growing Futures Learning Record prior to approval. The application for RBPD Specialist approval is found on the summary tab of the individual Registry account. Approval is for a 12-month period, after which approval must be renewed.

RBPD Specialists are approved in a variety of endorsements, or areas of specialization. An RBPD Specialist must be authorized in one or more endorsement areas before they can be assigned to provide support to the Early Childhood workforce.

Types of RBPD Endorsements

Building Quality Coach

The Building Quality Coaches offer business development assistance to potential childcare entrepreneurs to start and grow sustainable childcare businesses.  They partner with communities to develop local solutions to address childcare shortages.  The Building Quality Coach also provides individualized assistance to existing early childhood services providers on day-to-day operations. Building Quality Coaches must possess an in-depth knowledge of North Dakota childcare licensing regulations, state and local requirements, program management and administrative practices, establishing engaging childcare environments, working with families and young children in group care settings, and quality standards.

CLASS Assessor 

The CLASS® Assessor conducts onsite observations for childcare and early education programs participating in Bright & Early ND. The CLASS® Assessor must maintain reliability in the Infant, Toddler, and/or PreK CLASS® observation tool.

Quality Rating and Improvement (QRIS) Coach

The QRIS Coach works with programs participating in Bright and Early ND. They have specialized knowledge and adult-learning skills, and they often serve in a different professional role than those being coached. Coaching uses the continuous quality improvement cycle to build capacity for specific professional skills and behaviors.

ERS Assessor

The ERS® Assessor conducts onsite observations for childcare and early education programs participating in Bright & Early ND. The ERS® Assessor must maintain reliability in the Infant Toddler Environment Rating Scale®, Third Edition (ITERS-3™), the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale®, Third Edition (ECERS-3™), and/or the Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale®, Third Edition (FCCERS-3™).

Health and Safety Specialist

The Health and Safety Specialist is a Registered Nurse who provides comprehensive technical assistance and coaching to future and current childcare programs with a focus on best practices for health and safety in childcare settings.

Inclusion Specialist

The Inclusion Specialist provides education, guidance, and consultation to childcare programs and Early Childhood professionals on caring for children with special needs or behavior challenges.

Tools for RBPD Specialists