Training Approval

The Growing Futures training approval system operates under the direction of the North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Early Childhood Services division. DHHS Early Childhood Services Policy 620-01-90-05 designates the Growing Futures Registry as the system for approval of all training delivered in-state to the early childhood workforce. Only Growing Futures approved training can be accepted toward childcare licensing.  NOTE:  Approval is for instructional time only.  Self-study, time spent completing assignments, one-on-one coaching, and consultation are not approved as training and cannot be applied toward annual childcare licensing training hours.  

The Growing Futures Registry is not a training organization and does not itself sponsor any training. Rather, the Registry’s role is to set the standards for approval of training sponsor organizations and trainers, to review training submitted to the Registry to ensure it aligns with the standards, and to provide a training and reporting system for all approved training. The Registry promotes all approved training that is open to public registration on the Training Calendar, available online 24/7.

Training Levels

Level 1: Basic Licensing

Level 1 courses provide basic information on a topic and apply toward clock hours for childcare license renewal.  This course level is informative but not in-depth. Level 1 courses do not require a demonstration of competence with the course materials and there is no formal assessment. Level 1 courses are usually quick to complete and in the case of online Level 1 courses, the clock hours may post to the individual’s training record immediately upon completion. 

Level 2: Professional Training

Level 2 courses are designed for those seeking to advance on the Career Pathways to Category B or above or earn or maintain a professional credential. Level 2 courses are more rigorous and usually require completion of assignments, assessment or a test to demonstrate competence before clock hours are awarded. This means that it will take longer for Level 2 courses to appear on an individual’s Growing Futures record. Level 2 courses also fulfill childcare licensing requirements. 

Level 3: For-Credit

Level 3 courses are for the individual working toward a degree in Early Childhood or completing coursework to maintain a professional teaching license. These courses are offered by higher education institutions and are not listed on the Training Calendar. Rather, these courses are added to an individual’s Registry record after the fact. Level 3 courses also fulfill childcare licensing requirements if the course(s) was completed in the individual’s current licensing year.  NOTE:  Thesis and dissertation credits are not accepted as training hours and are not added to an individual’s Learning Record.  

How to Determine the Level of a Training Course

The How to Determine the Level of a Training Course (PDF, 164.79 KB) chart will help you determine the training level that fits your goals.

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