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The Training Calendar shows all currently available training approved for child care licensing and ongoing professional development in North Dakota. The calendar changes frequently as training sponsors add new events. Learn how to use the Growing Futures Training Calendar (PDF, 291.94 KB).

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Level 1 Basic Licensing

Introductory or general training that meets licensing renewal requirements and can typically be completed quickly without assignments or exams. Level 1 training (completed after July 1, 2023) applies to Career Pathways placement in Categories A-D.

Level 2 Professional Training

Focused or in-depth training that provides career preparation and qualifications leading to credentials and professional designations. This level of training requires interactive participation, completion of assignments, and some type of competency assessment or exam. While Level 2 training meets annual licensing renewal requirements, it also applies to Career Pathways placement in Categories B–F.

Level 3 For Credit

Coursework completed through an accredited higher education college or university. Level 3 courses are typically 15-weeks in length, provide semester credits, and applies toward a degree or continuing education to maintain a professional license. Level 3 courses are added to an individual’s Growing Futures Learning Record after the fact by having an official transcript sent to the Registry directly from the institution that issued the credits and are added as clock hours (1 semester credit = 15 clock hours). Level 3 courses meet annual licensing renewal requirements and Career Pathways placement in Categories B–J.

*All Level 1 and Level 2 training delivered in North Dakota for child care licensing and early childhood professional development must be approved prior to delivery by the Growing Futures Registry to be accepted toward annual licensing training requirements. In-state training that was not pre-approved cannot be added to an individual’s Growing Futures record after the fact. Level 3 coursework is approved after-the-fact if the course content is at least 80% specific to Early Childhood and was completed within the past 20 years at an accredited college or university.

15-Hour Licensing Required Training

All staff in licensed and state regulated child care programs must complete the 15-hour required course called “Getting Started.”  To find the course, type the words “getting started” in the key word search on the Training Calendar.

Safe Sleep Required Training

The North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services requires all direct care providers who care for infants to complete annual Department-approved training on safe sleep practices/SIDS. Department-approved means that training has been approved by the Registry and is reported on individual’s Registry records. IMPORTANT:  Each year, you must register for a new Safe Sleep/SIDS training event to receive clock hours for attendance.  Find new events on the Registry Training Calendar.  You will not receive credit in the new licensing year for simply reviewing an already completed event from the link on your account Training tab.    

First Aid/CPR Training

Please contact your Early Childhood Licensing Specialist or the North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services for information on First Aid/CPR training in your area. These courses are not approved to receive early childhood training hours and they are also not listed on the Training Calendar.

Bright & Early ND Quality Training

North Dakota’s Quality Improvement Rating System (QRIS) called Bright & Early ND requires specific training at each of the four STEP levels. When these courses are listed on the Training Calendar, an icon will appear in the course heading identifying the applicable STEP level.

Out-of-State Conferences and Training

Out-of-state training is not pre-approved by the Growing Futures Registry. If you have completed training through an out-of-state training provider, you can ask to have it added to your Growing Futures Learning Record by submitting an Individual Request for Training Approval within ninety (90) days of the event. Learn how to submit an Individual Request to Add Training (PDF, 294.33 KB).

IMPORTANT: Other than to verify the clock hours and training completion, Registry staff does not correct the information you provide on the request form and is not responsible for any inaccuracies, typos, and other errors you enter on the form. If you are working toward a CDA Credential, it is up to you to understand and correctly identify the Competency Area.