Career Pathways

NOTICE: Your Career Pathways placement may have changed. Read more about Career Pathways changes (PDF, 188.84 KB) and steps you may need to take.

Early care and education can be an exciting and rewarding career that includes options for working directly with young children as well as with adults or families. To plan your career, you need to know what your options are and how you can qualify for each position.

The Growing Futures Career Pathways (PDF, 656.57 KB) outlines standards for professional preparation by describing the qualifications needed to be hired—and to be successful—in various early childhood positions. The Pathways show the levels and content of training and education expected of those in the field.

Revisions to the Career Pathways

The Career Pathways are revised periodically to better align with changing state and national standards for workforce preparation. Any revisions go into effect on July 1st of each year. The most recent revision was implemented July 2016 to align with DHS licensing requirements for 15 hours of basic child care training. When changes are implemented, an individual’s Career Pathways placement may be affected and will be changed when the individual updates their Registry account.

Please read the Career Pathways FAQ (PDF, 212.43 KB) for more information.

  • For Individuals

    You Career Pathways placement showcases and recognizes the preparation you bring to your work. You can also use the Pathways to determine the additional preparation you might need to achieve your career goals.

  • For Programs

    The Career Pathways gives you a tool to track employee training, set hiring qualifications, and write job descriptions. Ask employees to provide you with their Growing Futures record to see verified information about their training history and qualifications.

  • Training and Education Providers

    The Career Pathways provide direction for the content of training and education delivered for the early childhood workforce, and they guide both informal and formal education providers to deliver courses that truly prepare people for careers in the field.