Showcase your expertise and promote your training by becoming an approved Growing Futures trainer. Quality training depends on knowledgeable, dynamic trainers. The Growing Futures Registry administers a statewide approval system for trainers who deliver training to the early childhood workforce.

Trainer Levels

Trainer levels correspond to training levels. There are three training levels in the Growing Futures approval system though only Level 1 and Level 2 are pre-approved by the Registry.

Level 1: Basic Licensing Training
No Pre-Approval Required

For Level 1 Basic Licensing training, the trainer does not need to be a Growing Futures approved trainer.

Trainers for this level of training are typically occasional trainers who have professional expertise in a field unrelated to early care and education (e.g. tax preparers, first responders, health care, etc.). They may also be one-time conference keynotes or presenters. Trainers for Level 1 Basic Licensing training must be currently employed in a professional capacity in the field related to the training content. The name and qualifications of a Level 1 Basic Licensing trainer is submitted as part of the application for the training itself, and the trainer is approved on a training-by-training basis. The Growing Futures Registry does not keep records of these trainers

Level 2: Professional Training
Must be Pre-Approved

For Level 2 Professional Training, the trainer must be pre-approved as an Early Childhood Instructor or Content Specialist. These trainers are approved for a period of 24 months and renewal is required to continue to provide Level 2 training.

  • Early Childhood Instructors
    This designation requires that the trainer be a member of the Registry, with a Career Pathways placement of Category G-J. In addition, they must have direct care experience with children ages birth to eight, have a current resume of CV on file with the Registry and provide professional references. These trainers must provide verifiable documentation of their experience present to adult learners.
  • Content Specialist
    Content Specialist trainers must be members of the Registry but are not required to have a Career Pathways placement. They must have verified education and/or certificate in the content are or curriculum they train, and they are required to have a current resume of CV on file, including professional references. They are not required to have experience in an early childhood setting, but they must have professional experience in their field. Content Specialists are approved to train in their area of specialization only.

Trainer Agreement

As part of the trainer approval process, all trainers must sign the Growing Futures Trainer Agreement. The Growing Futures Registry reserves the right to remove approval status from any trainer who is found to be in violation of the agreement terms and conditions.