Organization Accounts

Organization accounts can be thought of as business accounts. Unlike an individual account, an organization account allows multiple people to access and manage the account information. Creating an organization account (PDF, 588.92 KB) is simple and free. If you are considering starting a child care, you will need to create a start-up organization account. (PDF, 343.12 KB)

An organization account is required to submit training courses for approval and to participate in Bright & Early ND, the state quality rating system. Individuals who are sole proprietor businesses (family childcare) or who are independent trainers will need to create an organization account for their business in addition to their individual account if they wish to provide approved training or receive a Bright & Early STAR rating.

DHHS Licensed Programs

If your business is a licensed childcare program in North Dakota, your organization account is associated with your DHHS license number. From your organization account, you can access a special report called the Facility Staff Report, which lets you see and print training records for your employees to simplify re-licensing. NOTE: There are two ways for a staff person to become attached to your organization account: they can request to be added from their individual account Employment tab or you can send them an invitation.  In either case, the contact person for your organization must verify employment for that staff to appear on the report. You will be unable to open the staff person’s training record from the Facility Staff Report if their individual membership account is expired. Send a Director’s Employee Invitation (PDF, 449.11 KB) from your organization account, or encourage staff to add or update an employer.

For all DHHS licensed programs, an organization account is required for participation in Bright & Early ND. Family and Group license holders will need both an individual member account and an organization account. Organization accounts do not expire. However, it is important to keep the account information current and to update the account manager whenever there is a change of staff at your program. The account manager receives requests to verify employment and can change the information in your organization account, so you will want to be sure that person has the authority to do so.

Training Organizations

An organization account is required if you or your business wishes to provide approved training to the early childhood workforce. An organization account allows training sponsors to submit Level 1 and Level 2 training courses for approval, schedule training that will appear on the Statewide Training Calendar, accept registration, and manage attendance from registration to award of clock hours.

When setting up an organization account, check the “Training Sponsor Organization” checkbox that is part of the organization account application. You will be required to agree to the Growing Futures terms and conditions for approved training sponsors. Approval is not automatic. Registry staff will verify the information you’ve provided and contact you to discuss the responsibilities of being an approved sponsor of training for the early childhood workforce. Approval as a training sponsor is for 24-months and must be renewed to continue to submit training for approval. Learn more about the advantages and responsibilities of training sponsor organizations.

If you wish to be approved as a training sponsor after your organization account has already been activated, submit a support ticket from the Help Center, found in the top search bar of this website. Registry staff will contact you with further information.