Workforce Data

The following data includes all individuals who held a current, active membership account at any point during the reporting quarter. Membership accounts are used for data, rather than Basic accounts because the membership account information is verified whereas data in Basic accounts is often self-reported and therefore unreliable. Though the data reports are inclusive of membership accounts only, Growing Futures members are representative of the entire Early Childhood workforce, from entry in the field through professional positions.

Please note that some accounts will have expired or become active during the reporting quarter and so the total number of membership accounts that are reviewed for each data set will vary. Quarters are January 1-March 31; April-June 30; July 1-September 30; October 1-December 31. Data from previous quarters is linked below.

  • workforce demographics data

    Workforce Demographics

    Who is the Early Childhood workforce in North Dakota? This report details the gender, age, and race/ethnicity of Growing Futures members.

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  • participation data


    Where do Growing Futures members live? This report shows Registry membership by region across North Dakota.

    View data > (PDF, 158.79 KB)

  • employment data


    Where do Growing Futures members work? This report shows member’s employment by program license type.

    View data > (PDF, 256.21 KB)

  • professional qualifications data

    Professional Qualifications

    What professional qualifications do Growing Futures members have? This report shows the number of members with verified Early Childhood professional credential or degree.

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  • training availability

    Training Availability

    What training is available to meet the needs of the Early Childhood workforce? This report details training approved by Growing Futures Registry for licensing and ongoing professional development, including the level of training, clock hours available, and delivery methods.

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  • job preparation

    Job Preparation

    How are Growing Futures members prepared for their work in the field of Early Childhood? This report shows the number of members at each level of preparation from minimal licensing requirements through degree completion.

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