Attending Conferences

Attending a conference is an excellent way to network with peers and receive new information. However, you will want to be a careful consumer to be sure the conferences you decide to attend will count toward your childcare licensing training hours. In-state and out-of-state conferences are added to your record as follows:

In-State Conferences

Conferences that are held in the state of North Dakota must be submitted to the Growing Futures Registry for pre-approval by the organization that is sponsoring the conference. If the organization does not submit their conference for pre-approval, it cannot be approved after the fact for an individual attendee and cannot be counted toward the annual childcare licensing training requirements.

Conference sponsors can submit their conference as a block of training for a set number of clock hours, which means that attendees must attend the entire event to receive clock hours. Or, the sponsor can decide to submit each separate session of the conference as a stand-alone training, which means that attendees will only receive clock hours for the sessions they attend. You can find approved conferences on the Growing Futures Online Training Calendar. Follow the registration instructions provided by the conference sponsors.

Out-of-State Conferences

Conferences that are held out-of-state are not preapproved. Instead, each individual attendee must submit an Individual Training Approval Request form for the conference within three months of the close of the event.

Only one request may be submitted for a conference for the total number of clock hours earned at the conference. DO NOT submit a separate Individual Training Request for each separate conference session. The request must include all information pertaining to the conference and an uploaded document of the conference certificate and/or tracking form showing the sessions you attended, the clock hours of each session, and the signature of the session presenter.  A maximum of 14-clock hours can be added to your record for an out-of-state conference.

Be aware that not all conferences will be accepted or added to your record. Conferences related to other fields, such as social work, disabilities, family support, older children, and so on are not accepted. Please review the Accepted Training document (PDF 203.72 KB) for additional detail about accepted out-of-state training sponsors.