Clear Your Cache and Cookies

When you encounter error messages, odd or old information, or other performance issues online, it is often because of information your computer has stashed or hidden behind the scenes. This stored information is called the cache or browsing history. Every time you visit a website, your browser stores or caches:

  • Information such as the location of the site you visited
  • Files used to run an online application
  • Downloads, such as old versions of forms and documents

Browsers also add “cookies”: small pieces of data from a website that get stored in your browser while you’re on a website. Every time you pull up that same website, the browser sends the cookie back to the website with all the information from the last visit. This can cause problems with logging in, getting the website to load correctly, or seeing the latest information.

The Registry constantly updates our site but the next time you visit the Registry, you might see old files your browser stored instead of recent updates. To prevent this from happening, you should clear the browser cache and cookies on your computer frequently. Our software support team provided this link with information on clearing your browser cache and cookies.