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COVID-19 Child Care Stabilization and Recovery Grants

The ND Department of Human Services, Early Childhood Division, is using funding streams to support the health and sustainability of North Dakota’s child care sector. The grant opportunities available to the state’s early childhood community will help address operating and facility costs, and will support greater access and quality.

More detailed information about the grant funding can be viewed within the your Growing Futures Organization Account.

  • Stabilization Grants: Funds support financial operations to help ensure access to child care with special attention to under-served areas, infants and toddlers, and care during non-traditional hours
  • Health and Safety Facility Grants: Funds can be used to make improvements that would help improve both COVID-indicated and overall health and safety. Each program applicant will be asked to work with a Child Care Health consultant to identify and prioritize items that would have the greatest impact on the setting.
  • Technology Grants: Funds are designed to help programs become better connected to training, professional development, child care reimbursement and licensing systems. Technology grants can be used to purchase hardware (tablet, laptop, printer) and 12 month internet subscriptions. To be used for administrative purposes.
  • Inclusion Grants: Funds are designed to help both home and center-based providers create and maintain an inclusive environment that supports children with disabilities or developmental delays to learn, grow, play, and develop alongside their peers in an inclusive setting.
  • Start Up Grants: Funding is available to recently licensed (license dated within 60 days of application submission) or soon-to-be licensed early childhood programs. Grants may also be available to programs that are expanding their child care license capacity.
  • Quality Improvement Grants: Funding supports continuous improvement in early childhood programs who have recently received a Bright & Early ND quality rating of Step 2, 3 or 4. 

For more information, see the Early Childhood COVID-19 Stabilization & Recovery Grants webpage.