Find Your Account

If you have attended training in North Dakota since 2012, you may already have a Growing Futures basic account. It’s important to find and use your existing account because it contains a record of your training

Using the Registry Login to Find Your Account

Go to the Registry Login and provide your information. The system will look for your account and guide you through your next steps. If there is an account that appears to be yours, you’ll be prompted to contact the Registry office at 800-997-8516 during regular business hours. For additional information and options for locating your account, read and follow these steps (PDF, 294.69 KB).

WARNING: Do not create another account. You may lose your previous training history if you create a new account.

If you are completely new to the field or have never taken training, it’s possible that no record can be found for you. You will need to create a new individual account (PDF, 373.17 KB).