How to Add Employees to Your Organization Account

It’s important for licensed childcare programs to have their employees attached to the program’s organization account.  This allows the organization access to view the employee’s training records.  It’s also a requirement for participation in the Bright & Early ND initiative that all staff be attached to the organization account and verified as currently employed at the program.  There are two ways for an employee to become attached to your Organization account:

  1. The employee can add their employer from the employee’s own individual Registry account. 
  2. The employer can send the employee a Director’s Employee Invitation (PDF 449.11 KB) from the program’s organization account.

What an Organization Needs to Do to Help Individuals Complete This Process

  • Require your employees to create a Growing Futures Member Account and keep their account current
  • Provide your organization’s ID# to employees so they can easily connect to the correct Organization Account
  • Verify employees when the Organization Account contact person receives an email that an employee has added themselves to your organization. Verified employees will appear on your organization Facility Staff Report, which can be used to easily access employee training records for DHS re-licensing
    • NOTE: If an employee has submitted a membership application or update/renewal, their account will be “read only” during processing and they will not be able to add or edit their employer until the member account has been processed and reopened. This typically takes between 4–6 weeks.
    • WARNING: Do not use the "Add Organization Profile" link, thinking this will attach employees to your organization account.  Doing so will give the person you linked permission to access and change information on your organization account. Limit use of the "Add Organization Profile" link to authorized personnel only.  As well, adding a person via the "Add Organization Profile" link will not add that person’s name to your employee list.