How to Add a New License Number to an Existing Organization Account

You might need to add a DHHS license number to an existing account if you:

  • Created your Organization Account before you had your DHS license number
  • Got a new license number from DHHS because your program changed its license type

In either case, do not create a new account.


  1. Log in to your Individual Account to access your Organization Account (in the drop down menu below your name, top right).
  2. Select the “Status” tab.
  3. Select the “Add New” button to open the section on organization identification.
  4. On the next page, the first question will ask if you’re a program licensed by the ND DHHS.  If you already have a license and wish to change or update an existing license number, select “Change” next to DHHS License number, and enter the new license number in the box that opens.  Do not use any spaces or dashes when entering the license:  enter using this format 12345678X.  If you’re a Start Childcare program entering a newly issued license number,  choose "Yes" and enter the license number.    
  5. Scroll down and Select “Continue”.  NOTE:  Start Childcare programs will need to answer the questions on the page before continuing.  
  6. Follow through the form and submit it at the end.

Once you’ve submitted your update, the Registry will review the information against the list we receive from DHS and may call you to verify your account information. This typically takes 1–2 weeks.  NOTE: If you are working with a coach, your organization will not appear in the coach’s caseload until the Registry has processed the request.