How to Set Up an Organization Account

Creating an Organization Account is simple and free. With your account, you’ll be able to quickly track your employees’ training (including helpers and back-ups) and easily provide information to your licenser at renewal time. You will also be ready to participate in the state quality rating and improvement program, Bright & Early ND. Organization Accounts are for licensed direct-care programs as well as Pre-K, after school programs, early childhood service providers, training organizations, Tribal entities, and others involved in the field of early care and education.


Follow these steps to Set Up an Organization Account (PDF, 698.52 KB).

Do I Have an Organization Account?

Follow the steps here to check for an existing organization account  (PDF 161.84 KB)

If none are listed, set up a new organization account. 

How Do I Access My Organization Account? 

How to Access the Organization Account (PDF 161.84 KB) 

Manage the Organization Account 

Once you have created the organization account you will need to keep it up to date by verifying employees, setting up classrooms, and updating contact information, as needed.   

How to Manage the Organization Account  (PDF 549.17 KB)