How to Use the Growing Futures Training Calendar

The Training Calendar lists training that is approved for the early childhood workforce in North Dakota. If a training course is listed on the Training Calendar, you know it will be accepted for annual license renewal.

How to Use the Growing Futures Training Calendar (PDF, 286.61 KB)

On the Training Calendar, you can search for training by location, topic, or delivery method. You will find licensed required training, such as the 15-hour Getting Started course and North Dakota Safe Sleep, as well as training that can be applied to career development. Look for the training level to determine if the course will meet your needs.  Be sure to read the training description and additional information under the View Details button.  NOTE:  "Classroom" is used to describe both in-person and virtual training held in real time. It does not necessarily mean that the training will be held face-to-face in one location.  Check the training information for details.   

Level 1 Basic Licensing

Level 1 Basic Licensing training is approved for annual child care license renewal and Career Pathways placement in Categories A-D.  This level of training may include an assessment of learning such as knowledge checks or a quiz and may be completed fairly quickly. 

Level 2 Professional Training

Level 2 Professional Training is approved for licensing and Career Pathways placement in Categories B-F.  This level of training includes a measurable assessment of learning, including assignments and content review. Generally, there is instructor feedback as well. Because Level 2 training is more intentional and meaningful, it may take longer to complete. 

Level 3 For-Credit

Level 3 For-Credit is coursework completed at an accredited college or university and is added to your Learning Record after the fact when you have an official transcript sent to the Registry from the school that issued the credits. Only coursework specific to Early Childhood is added or factored into your Career Pathways placement. Level 3 training applies to annual child care licensing clock hours as well if the course(s) was completed in your licensing year.

Every training on the calendar is sponsored by an independent training organization. Sponsors include child care associations, licensed programs, Head Start programs, USDA food programs, Extension, state agencies, Child Care Aware® ND, and more. You will find the contact information for the training organization in the training description. This is who to contact if you have questions or problems with a course.