How to View an Organization Facility Staff Report

The Registry provides DHHS licensed programs with a Facility Staff Report that lists all employees and provides a link to employee training records for license renewal.

For an employee’s name to appear on the Facility Staff Report, each employee must first attach themselves to your Organization Account by logging into their own individual Member Account and adding your program in their employment information.  Their employment must then be verified under the Employees tab.

How to View Your Organization’s Facility Staff Report

  • Log in and go to your organization account, and select the “Reports” tab.
  • Select the Facility Staff Report.
  • Select the staff ID# or name to view each employee’s training record.
  • Return to the main report from an employee’s training record by selecting the small blue arrow in the top bars, next to the left of the “Find” search box.
Note:  Remember, the employee must be BOTH "Verified" and have a current Growing Futures membership for you to be able to open their DHHS Licensing Report.  Help your employees keep their membership current and remind them to update their account if they have any changes, such as mailing address, email address, additional education, or new professional qualifications or certifications.  You can hover the mouse cursor over a name or ID number and a message will display regarding the employee’s status.