Locked Account

Why is My Account Locked?

Your account will be in read-only mode for processing when you create, update, or renew your Member or Trainer/Consultant Account. This means you can read information in your account, but cannot add or change information while we are completing the review process.

How Long Does it Take to Process My Account?

Processing typically takes 3–5 weeks. As soon as your account is updated, it will be opened for you to edit.

What if I Need to Add My Employer During Processing?

Submit a support ticket if you forgot to identify your employer and need to have that information in your account before your application has been processed.

Can I Register and Complete Training Courses During Processing?

Even though you cannot edit information in your account(s) during processing, you can continue to register for and complete training as usual.

Can I Access My DHS Licensing Report While My Account is Locked?

Yes, you will be able to access and print your DHS Licensing Report by logging into your account and scrolling to the bottom of the Summary page. You’ll find a link to the report. The DHS Licensing Report opens as a PDF for easy printing.