Out-of-State and Online Training Providers

There are many companies across the United States that sell training online. These companies often send advertising materials to licensed child care providers and programs. Some of these companies make the claim that their training will be accepted for approval in North Dakota. They may even refer to the Growing Futures Registry in their advertising. In certain circumstances, some of this training may be accepted and added to your record after-the-fact, but there is no guarantee.

Training from these companies cannot be pre-approved in North Dakota, unless guided by the Department of Human Services Early Childhood Division and it pertains to an identified need, credential, or developed with Federal funding.  There is always the chance that the training will not be accepted after you’ve already completed it. We urge you to be a very careful consumer. Before you spend time and money on training that may or may not be added to your record, be sure you understand the guidelines for Accepted Training in North Dakota. Remember that when you take training that has been pre-approved in North Dakota by the Growing Futures system, you know the training will be accepted and added to your record, and that it is already properly assigned to a Competency Area and age group. If you are working toward a CDA Credential, this is particularly important so that your training hours will apply toward the national CDA training requirements and pull onto the right CDA report for you to submit to the CDA Council.

Always look for the Growing Futures Event ID# as your guarantee that the training will count. For more information, read how to know if training is approved (PDF, 212.12 KB).

Important Things to Know

  • All Growing Futures Registry account holders are eligible to add training after the fact to their training record.
  • You must submit your request using the "Individual Request for Training Approval" form, found on the Training tab of your individual account.
  • Only requests that are complete and include all required documentation will be reviewed. You must be able to upload and attach documents to submit a request.
  • A separate request form must be submitted for each training you wish to add to your record. It is up to you to correctly select the Competency Area and target age group, as well as to enter all other information accurately and professionally. What you type is exactly what will appear on your Learning Record and pull onto other reports, such as the CDA report that CDA Candidates submit to the national CDA Council. Registry staff does not fix typos, inaccuracies, incorrect competencies, age group or other issues on the form you submit.
  • The date on the training certificate or other verification of training completion is the date that will be entered on your Growing Futures record.  It cannot be changed to align with your licensing year or some other personal consideration you might have.  
  • A maximum of 10-clock hours of training completed on one day can be added to your record
  • Requests must be submitted within three (3) months of the date you completed the training.
  • It may take up to eight (8) weeks to process your request and to have the training appear on your training record. Registry staff will not fast-track a request for approval of outside training. It is your responsibility to make sure you’ve submitted your request well ahead of any personal timeline you may have.
  • Please carefully read the Accepted Training (PDF, 196.15 KB) document for information on submitting out-of-state conferences and other types of outside training.