Position Change with Current Employer

When there is a change to your position with your current employer, it’s important to update the employment information in your Individual Account. Examples of changes you will want to update include a change in job position, such as moving from an Assistant Teacher to a Teacher, or a change in work hours from part-time to full-time.

To make the change, you will need to end your current position and create a new position. You cannot make the change within the current position.

When you update your employment information, your employer will be notified. Employers will want this updated information for their own reporting.
Update your employment information by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Growing Futures account
  • Click on the Employment tab
  • Click on "Edit Employment"
  • Then click on the blue pencil icon at the right of your current position
  • Enter a date in the "End Date" box
  • Be sure to click on the Update button at the bottom to save your changes
Create your new position by following these steps:
  • Still on the Employment tab, click “Edit” and then “Add Position”
  • Select “North Dakota Regulated Child Care and Education Program”
  • Use your program’s Growing Futures organization ID# to look up your employer. You can also search for your employer by name, city, DHS license number, or tribal affiliation. TIP: entering the least amount of information seems to return the best results. For example, enter “Beth Anderson” or "Busy Babies" instead of “Beth Anderson’s Busy Babies Child Care.” If entering your DHS license number, do not use any spaces or dashes even if those appear on the license.
  • When you find your employer, click on the name and then “confirm”
  • Add your position and your start date
  • Be sure to complete the information and click "Save and Update" at the bottom to save your new position and updated information.