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Re-Opening Child Care Programs Guide is Now Available

The pandemic has created challenges for children, families, and communities across the globe. Many families have experienced a host of hardships, including the serious illness of a family member, loss of loved ones, unemployment, and social isolation. In addition, many people have reported increased anxiety, difficulty coping, and concerns about their health and safety. All of this might have a deep impact on the children and staff in your program.

As programs and schools prepare to re-open following COVID-19 closures, it is essential to have a plan in place to welcome children’s return, support them and their families in learning new routines and procedures, and respond to children’s social emotional needs. In addition, the program should consider how to support staff and their feelings of wellness and safety.

The National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations recently published The Leadership Team’s Guide for Re-Opening Programs, a thorough and practical resource for any provider. This document is designed to guide every provider around considerations for supporting children, families, and staff as they return to the program.