SIDS Training Course

The North Dakota Department of Human Services (DHS) requires that all individuals who work in a licensed child care setting complete an annual training in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Be aware that not all SIDS training courses meet the DHS requirement. By taking the DHS Early Childhood Division course “SIDS(ONLINE)”, it is assured that you will be in compliance with licensing requirements. The Guidelines for SIDS Approval (PDF, 112.14 KB) describe what must be included in a SIDS course to be accepted for licensing.

How to Register for the Course “SIDS(ONLINE)”

  • Visit the Search for training page at the Registry.
  • All currently available events are automatically listed. There may be multiple pages of course listings so be sure to scroll down to the bottom and view all pages to see your options.
  • Scroll through the list until you find “SIDS(ONLINE)”, and follow the registration instructions or use the filters to narrow your search.
  • Filter Training is at the left. You can filter by title, date, location, training type, and whether there is a fee. Select the “+” symbol to see the options for content, type, and fee. The filter menu may be displayed as 3 lines with dots at either the right or across the center on phones and tablets.
  • Type “SIDS(ONLINE)” in the course title search box and then click on Search at the bottom of the filter section.
  • Select “View Details” for additional information, or select “Register”, and then follow the registration instructions.
  • Please note that the “SIDS(ONLINE)” course is delivered by the DHS Early Childhood Division. While you find and register for the course at the Growing Futures Registry, you must contact DHS Early Childhood Division if you have questions or need assistance with the course. Contact them in one of these ways:
    • Send them an email at dhsec(at)nd(dot)gov
    • Call them during regular business hours at 800-997-8516.
    • IMPORTANT: If you completed the SIDS course in a previous year and need to take it again in the next licensing year, you must register for a new event from the Growing Futures Training Calendar to have the course and clock hours appear again on your DHS Licensing Report. Do not select the link to the SIDS event you already completed that appears on your account Training tab. You will not get credit for attending again in the current year simply because you opened and reviewed the course content for the event you’d already completed. You must register for and complete a new event to have it count in the current year.