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Training Delivery Related to Covid-19

Training sponsors and attendees are facing unique challenges in light of growing concerns over the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) and increasing requirements for social distancing to protect public health. For the next weeks and months, face-to-face trainings may be canceled and public buildings where training are held may be closed. Here’s what you need to know:

Training Sponsors:
  • Course and event are approved but the event has not yet been held: You can log into your organization account and either cancel or reschedule the Event – no Registry assistance is needed for you to do this. Remember, Courses are approved for a 12-month period and you can schedule the Event at any time during that period.
  • Course and event are not yet approved: We recommend you simply delay submitting your approval requests for now.
  • Multi-session event is already in process: If you have a multi-session Event that has already started and you wish to postpone the remaining scheduled Events, please contact the Registry office at 800-997-8516 for assistance.
Training Attendees:
  • Already registered for face-to-face training: Contact the training sponsor for assistance with registration, cancellation, and reimbursement of registration fees.
  • Already registered for online training: Online training should continue with no disruption. Please continue to search and register for online training on the Statewide Training Calendar. You can complete any online training you have already registered for or are in the process of completing. For in-state online courses sponsored by Child Care Aware ND, the clock hours will post to your Registry record as soon as you successfully complete the training and will be available for your licenser to view on your Licensing Report immediately.
  • Need training: Search for approved online courses on the Statewide Training Calendar. You may decide to avoid face-to-face training sessions at this time.

We are all going to experience disruptions to normal life as our state and nation take steps to diminish the spread of the Coronavirus. The Registry will continue to provide the most consistent level of service possible throughout the next weeks and months.

Please feel free to contact the Registry at any time with questions about training sponsorship, training approval, and training availability. We are here to help! You can reach us at 800-997-8516 or via email at registry@nndgrowingfutures.org.