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Expanded Training Opportunities

The Registry is excited to announce several new training sponsors and expanded training options for North Dakota providers.  Two new national partners - the McCormick Center and the National Center for Early Childhood Development Teaching and Learning (NCECDTL) - are now offering online training in North Dakota.  You can find and register for the training courses from the Growing Futures Training Calendar and the clock hours you earn for completing training will be added to your Growing Futures DHS Licensing Report and Learning Record automatically for you.  When you register from the Training Calendar, you will no longer need to submit a request to have the these training courses add to your Growing Futures record to be accepted for childcare licensing.  The new courses include the nine national Aim4Excellence Center Director modules.  Take just one module or all nine.  Each provides 16 clock hours of training that will be added to your Growing Futures Learning Record automatically when you complete the module.  Completing all the modules will qualify you to apply for the Aim4Excellence Center Director Credential, which is recognized across the country.  You will also find the Teacher Time training for either infant-toddler or preschool from NCECDTL.  Each course provides 5-clock hours of training that will be added automatically to your Growing Futures Learning Record.  NCECDTL will be adding more training in the future.  Please keep your eye on the Growing Futures Training Calendar.  The Registry is working to increase the training topics and clock hours that are available instate so that you can find what you need, when you need it right here in North Dakota.