Update or Renew Your Account

Growing Futures membership must be renewed every twelve (12) months to be sure the information is up-to-date. Trainer approval must be renewed every twenty-four (24) months. You will receive an email reminder several weeks before your membership is set to expire. You can also request to update your account at any time.

How to Update or Renew Your Membership

  • Log in to your account, check “Renew Your Membership”, and select the green “Apply/Renew” button. You can renew your Trainer or Consultant account at the same time.
  • Go through the membership interview sections, and update your information as needed. Remember to select “Save and Continue” for each section.
  • Select “Submit” at the end after you have reviewed information and made necessary changes.
  • After you’ve submitted your information, be sure to indicate on the following screen whether you are going to send new or updated documents to be included in your membership profile.
    • NOTE: You do not need to resend official transcripts or other professional certifications unless those credentials have or are about to expire. Trainers must agree to and accept the Trainer Agreement each time the Trainer application is renewed.
Important Information About Our Email Security Policy

If you email documents to the Registry, you must include a subject line and information in the body of the email itself. In the body of the email, you must include your name, Registry ID#, a list of the documents you’ve attached, and a brief message about what you’d like Registry staff to do with your documents. Emails with attachments only will be immediately deleted, and you will not receive an email response to let you know your documents were not accepted.

How Long Does it Take to Renew Membership?

It typically takes 3–5 weeks for your update/renewal to be processed. During that time, your account will be read-only. However, you can continue to register for and complete training even while your account is in processing. You can also access and print your DHS Licensing Report by logging into your account and scrolling to the bottom of the Summary page to find a link to your report.

Need to Submit a New Transcript or Document?

Follow the steps for submitting a transcript or document.