Basic Account and Membership

There are two levels of individual Growing Futures accounts: basic and membership.

Basic Account

The record of your training is your Basic Account. You may have set up your own, or it may have been set up automatically if you took an approved training after January 1, 2012.  Every Basic Account must include a unique email address that is not shared with any other account.  Every account is also assigned a Registry ID#, which you will need to know to sign attendance sheets at Growing Futures approved training.

Use your Basic Account email and password to:

  • Log in to your Basic Account, and change your email address.
  • Register for and take training.
  • Review the list of approved training you’ve completed.
  • Give your Early Childhood Licensing Specialist access to view your training record.


Having a Basic Account does not mean you are a Growing Futures member. You can choose to become a Growing Futures member by completing an online profile that stores verified information about your education, professional development, and experience in the early childhood field. There are many advantages in becoming a Growing Futures member.

How to Become a Growing Futures Member 

A Growing Futures Membership is free and voluntary. Learn how to create an Individual Account (PDF, 373.17 KB).

You can decide to become a Growing Futures member at any time:

  • Log in to your Basic Account.
  • Select “Become a Member” on your main page.
  • Complete each section of the member profile. Remember to select “Save and Continue” at the end of each section.
  • On the last page, review your information and select “Submit”.
  • You’ll receive emails to remind you to submit documents to make your profile as complete and as professional as possible.
  • Keep your data up-to-date by renewing your Growing Futures Membership every 12 months and updating your profile as needed.
Account Comparison
Registry Services Basic Membership
Unique Registry ID# X X
Secure online personal account that belongs to you, not your employer with 24/7 access X X
Access to Statewide Training Calendar of approved training and online training registration X X
Ability to launch training sponsored by Child Care Aware ND from personal account X X
Verification of training completion X X
Access to DHS Licensing Report X X
Ability to request outside training be added to record X X
Ability to add an organization profile (PDF, 588.92 KB) X X
Access to full personal profile and Learning Record   X
Access to special CDA Credentialing reports   X
Verification of higher education transcripts, with Early Childhood coursework added to training record   X
Verification of professional qualifications   X
Career Pathways placement and ability to add an employer      X
Career Pathways certificate and membership card   X
Ability to request support services from Child Care Aware of ND   X
Opportunity to apply to be an approved trainer   X
Participation in Bright & Early ND   X