Growing Futures Registry Training Record

The Growing Futures Registry maintains a permanent record of training you have completed since 2012 (some training completed between 2008–2012 is also included). All Growing Futures account holders can view their training history at any time. Log in to your account and select “Training”. Your full training history will appear. If you have submitted an official transcript, any Early Childhood for-credit courses you’ve completed will also be included on your training history.

When you attend a Registry approved training event, the organization that sponsored the training is responsible to add the training and clock hours to your Registry training record. They are required to do so within 10 days of the training completion date. If you completed Registry approved training and it is not appearing on your training record, contact the organization that sponsored the training for help. To be sure you get credit for attendance at a face-to-face training, always complete the attendance sheet at the event, and provide all required information including your individual Registry ID#. To get credit for an online course, be sure to complete and submit all course requirements. NOTE: Registry staff cannot award you credit for attendance at a training. Only the organization that sponsored the training can do that.

The training history on your Training tab is simply a list of the training you’ve attended, and it may include training you have self-reported. This means that some training on the list may not be verified or approved. Early Childhood Licensing Specialists will not accept a printout of your training history as proof that you have met the annual training requirement for licensing. Instead, Early Childhood Licensing Specialists will request a copy of your official HHS Licensing Training Record, which shows only approved training that you have completed in the previous 36-months. A link to the DHHS Licensing Training Record is found by scrolling to the bottom of the Summary tab of all Registry individual accounts.  Registry staff will not print paper copies of the HHS Licensing Training Record for any account holder.

Those with a current Registry membership also have access to their Learning Record report, which includes all approved training completed since the Registry began maintaining permanent training records in 2012.  This report can be printed from the Reports tab of your account.