Organization Verification

All organizations with an account in the Growing Futures Registry must update and verify the account information monthly.  If your organization is a direct care and/or DHS licensed early childhood program, monthly verification is required to allow your organization and staff to apply for any available grants, incentives, and stipends.

Every thirty (30) days, the Registry will email the profile owner of the organization’s account, asking them to complete the review and verification.  Several days later, a reminder email will be sent if the review has not been completed.  You can also log into your own individual account at any time and access the review from the drop-down menu in the upper right task bar.  If you are the profile owner of an organization account, please be sure to add the Growing Futures Registry’s email address to your contacts so that you receive the Organization Verification emails. 

The review process will take just a few minutes of your time, is easy to do, and is self-explanatory.  You will be asked to verify your employees and make any changes to each person’s employment information, including employment start and end dates. You will also be asked to review and verify other organization account information.  If the information remains the same from month to month, you will simply verify that it is accurate and will not need to re-enter information.

The monthly Organization Verification ensures that your organization account is accurate and current and that your employees’ employment records are complete.  Please note that your employees will not be able to apply for individual incentives and stipends if you have not completed the monthly Organization Verification.  Any questions from individual employees about denial of the incentive or stipend application due to an incomplete monthly Organization Verification will be referred back to you, the employer, to correct and verify. 

NOTE:  The Organization Verification applies to family and group childcare programs as well as to centers.  Programs with family and group license types must create an organization account and attach themselves as employees of that organization to be eligible for grants, incentives, and stipends. 

Non-direct care programs will also receive the monthly Organization Verification emails but are not required to complete it as employees of these programs are not eligible to apply for or receive any state workforce incentives and stipends.

See How to Set Up an Organization Account for additional information on creating and accessing an organization account with the Growing Futures Registry.